Welcome aboard the GauthierGainzTrain! You have just bought a one-way ticket to Yolkvillage with a layover in Shredcity. This page is designed to share the best information on all things fitness.  From our humble workouts to meal prep hacking all the way to the right clothes to wear at the gym (hint. anything without sleeves.)

This blog is here to help you reach your fitness dreams while still having a good time! It doesn’t matter if you love the gym or hate it, we are here to help you achieve the health you’ve always wanted.  Our contributors have tried their fair share of workout plans, diets, and supplements and have decided to consolidate our information in one place for you!

We have found that it is hard to find accurate, helpful information on fitness and health across the internet designed for the average Joe.  That is what we are here for, delivering sustainable lifestyle help to normal people from normal people.  There are no cheat codes to being a healthy and fit person but we can share what we have learned to be the most effective.  Subscribe to our blog, follow us on social media, and jump on the GauthierGainzTrain!


Will Gauthier