Top 3 Fitness Apps

Apps are a strong companion for reaching your fitness goals. They can help you track calories, log runs, or even give you workouts. I have a whole folder on my phone reserved just for my fitness apps. But in this post, I am going to break down my 3 favorite apps to have:



This is my favorite of all fitness apps, hence why it’s number 1! This app allows you to track calories, set up diet goals, track your weight and your burned calories. This also can pull data from third-party apps to keep all your information in one consolidated place. It draws from your health app on your phone that already keeps track of your steps and calories burnt. This is a must-have for calorie tracking!


If you like to run there is no better app than the NikeRun app. It is accurate with its GPS tracking (within 0.03 of a mile) and gives great, clear audio cues for your mile time and distance. It is my favorite running app because you can listen to music with the app open. You can change how often you want vocal cues and with what voice you want them to be said in. This is the ultimate app for runners with a rewards system and different levels to hit to show what kind of runner you are!


Similar to NikeRun this app has an outrageous amount of free content. There are personalized workouts depending on what you are hoping to see for results. There are coaches who can respond to questions, diet plans for specific goals, and a community of people to connect with. This is a great app if you don’t have a gym because all the workouts can be done at home!


*All these apps are free for download on all software app stores!

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