How to Go Out and Stay Healthy

A small friend of mine asked me the other day, “Will, I want the gains but I also want to have a fun night with my friends? What can I do?” Well, little guy, I am about to answer that. With the help of NYC bar expert William Bortins (pictured to the left wearing sunglasses inside) or as I like to call him Bilbo, we will talk about the best ways to have fun, stay healthy, and get a little wild. You can find William Bortins at his blog (,) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@HistoricBarsNYC.)





GauthierGainzz: When people go out, they are looking for a good time but my followers are also looking to stay healthy. What kind of drink should someone gravitate towards if that is the case?

William Bortins: “The best thing to do is stay with clear liquors. You want to stay away from mixing that with different sugary sodas, keep it straight or throw in club soda. My preference when I’m dieting is to drink a vodka soda water with two lime wedges.


GauthierGainzz: What kind of exercising do you think is smart to do before a big night?

William Bortins: “If you’re going to go hard on the liquor, you’ve got to go hard at the gym beforehand. I always recommend spending a considerable time doing cardio. Either do long distance, steady state or high-intensity interval training. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if I’m going out later that night, first I’m smashing the stair stepper.”


GauthierGainnz: Alright last question here champ, what do you need to do right before you hit the pillow after a big night so you are ready and able to shred the gym the next day?

William Bortins: “After a big night at the bars, drinking till your wallets empty, the most important thing you can do is drink water. I say at least two large glasses of water to reset your body for the next day.”

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