My Top 10 Favorite Fitness Bloggers

For a long time, I have been looking at fitness blogs to learn the best information in the business. Today I will share with you my ten favorite blogs which I visit on a daily basis:



Body Building is a great resource for anyone looking to get a holistic approach to fitness. They have a great number of resources such as workouts, plans, and calculators to find out about your body type. I love to visit when I need to figure out metrics like my BMR. Unfortunately, they now charge to get access to their workout plans. BOO.



Vinsanity is a personal favorite because it’s a resource I used for nearly a year. I have purchased a few plans from him and without fail have loved them. Vince puts out great content on Youtube and will even send you workouts straight to your inbox for free! I am a huge fan of Vinsanity Shred and would recommend it to most people!



I find myself visiting AthleanX because of their commitment to telling the truth about fitness. There are no gimmicks or get fit quick tips. They do a great job of talking about the truth in getting the body you want. Whether it’s about dieting, lifting, or anything in between, AthleanX is committed to giving you no-nonsense fitness information.



This blog finds itself on here for a few reasons. For starters, there are some incredible recipes for the advantageous chef. They are unrivaled for information on fashion and fitness. All around this is a pretty pretentious magazine but for the high roller, there is no better place.



This a great resource for those super serious about becoming a gym rat. They have the best information on supplementation that I have found and the most comprehensive review system for it.



The reason I have this listed is for one simple reason. MensHealth takes celebrities and shows us what kind of workouts they are doing or what their diet looks like. So many people will see a superhero film and want to know how to look like the star of the film. This resource gives you exactly that.



This blog has been a standard in the industry for some time now. Known for his greatest program called Skinny Guy Savior, this blog is perfect for the guy who’s looking to learn about the gym and just getting started.



UnderArmor made a fantastic app called MyFitnessPal and then produced a blog to accompany it. This is an absolutely fantastic resource for calorie tracking and good tips on nutrition and fitness general.



A pretty standard blog in the fitness industry but has some of the most comprehensive collection of workouts. It is great to learn workouts to target specific muscle groups and to learn how to do workouts with correct form.



This is a great resource for style and fitness. Catered towards women, this blog has great information specifically designed for women as opposed to some of the other blogs listed.

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