How to Make a Workout Montage Video

If you are a consumer of all things GauthierGainzz, you by now have probably seen my workout montage. If you are like most people, you are asking yourself the question: “how can I make a dope video like that?” Well here is a blog to help you get there!


1. Get the Footage

In order to make a sweet, sweaty montage you need the right footage. Any exercise will do but the best clips to get are of you doing big lifts (i.e. bench press, squat, weighted pull-ups.) Pick a weight that you can hit 3 or 4 reps with but that pushes you so you can show off. Always make sure to film with a wide angle if you’re using an iPhone! It is an absolute must to wear clothes that accentuate your muscles. That typically looks like a cut-off tee, string tank top, or if you’re bold, no shirt at all.


2. Use an Editor

For my video, I used iMovie. iMovie works great if you have a Mac and I would highly recommend it. While editing, you want to make sure you do three things: first, keep the clips short. You don’t want to have a fifteen-second clip of you doing crunches. Keep the clips short and varied. Secondly, you want to throw some filters on the different shots. Never do the same filter back to back but play around with things like black and whites, negatives, and color enhancements. Lastly, you want some sort of title slide or clip. It typically works best if this is just a still slide. Whether it is your name, brand or logo put something in front of the montage so people know who you are or what you represent.


3. Pick a GREAT Song

This can make or break your workout montage. You might have awesome clips and great editing but if you have a lame song, your video will be garbage. The standard tune for these type of videos is an electronic dubstep song. The trick to lining the music up with the footage is to get the buildup of the song going during your title or intro clip and then as soon as the bass drops have your first workout clip playing. This creates a great effect and will add a level professional to your video.





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