Top Tunes for Getting HUGE

Do you ever watch workout motivation videos? I find myself watching at least three a day to get me hyped! What makes these videos give you the desire to throw plates on a squat rack? The answer is easy: the music. Do you want to get more performance out of your body? The science is there, what you listen to matters.  Here are a few of my top tunes to get the sweat dripping.

1. Arms Wide Open by Creed

Who doesn’t love the sweet sound of Creed blaring your ear canal while your heart rate jumps up to 180bpm? With arms wide open, I welcome this song to my playlist for muscle building.


2. 1985 by Bowling for Soup

Debbie just hit the wall in this tune. Such a fun listen, perfect for a nice aerobic workout. You know I have this pumping through my airpods when I am warming up for a spin class.


3. Daddy Issues by Demi Lovato

You know this had to make my top list of tunes. Such a great song on her latest release. This pairs well with a steady state cardio workout.


Hope you all like my suggestions and let me know some of your favorite tunes that you jam to at the gym!

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