Find Time to Relax

After a big sesh at the gym, you always want to find a way to cool down those pumped up muscles.  I posted a while back that a swimsuit is something you must bring to the gym. I highly recommend getting a membership at a gym that offers a sauna, steam room, pool, or hot tub. The perception is a gym like this is either impossible to find or costs significantly more than a gym like Planet Fitness. In reality, these gyms are easy to find and super accessible for people regardless of their financial opportunity. Probably the best example of a gym like this is your local YMCA which has above and beyond what you need at a reasonable cost! After I smash a day of lifting, I always find the time to relax.

For me, this looks like stewing it up in the tub. There are numerous benefits of sitting in a hot tub. Heat therapy helps increase blood flow which relaxes muscles and prevents soreness. If you are going to start hot tubbing just make sure you drink lots of water after a pump. When you tub you lose significant amounts of your body’s water and you put yourself at risk.

For me, hot tubbing is the best way to just sit back and relax after I’ve earned it in the gym. I can look forward to the hot tub during my workout and it is something that motivates me to keep obliterating my muscles. If the hot tub isn’t for you (whats wrong with you) find something that is. Find some way of relaxing that helps propel you through your workout.

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