Is Milk the Devil??

Known by names like the devil dairy, pale surprise, and (my least favorite) udder honey, dairy has quite the reputation.  Now more than ever we are asking ourselves, is dairy good for us? Should we drink it?  Should we eat it?  The most notorious of dairy products (milk) is what we will talk about today:

Most people eat or drink dairy because they think it is ‘natural’ for them.  Ironically, three-fourths of the world is lactose intolerant and unable to break down the main carbohydrate in most dairy products when consumed.  As humans, we are the only species that drink milk into adulthood as well as drinking the milk of another animal.  We are the only creatures that drink the milk of another animal throughout life and only 25% of us have bodies capable of digesting it!  So why do we keep drinking it?

Not only is dairy bad for your internal body, it has been found to affect your skin as well.  According to a few German doctors, chemists, and dermatologists leading their industries they found a correlation between increased dairy consumption leading to an increase in the release of insulin causing acne.  Cow milk does have some benefits.  Because of the consolidated amount of calcium in cow milk, it is great for bone health.  It has the most protein out of any of the milk, and some people swear by recovering from their workouts with it.

Cow milk does have a lot of calcium but it is not impossible (or even hard) to get the same amount from other sources. Just take a supplement or eat some kale and get just as much or more! If you rely on cow milk for getting your protein intake necessary for the day, you will never hit the number you need to!  There are so many actually ‘natural’ protein supplements (blog post coming soon) which will give you three or four times as much protein as cow milk.  And if you just can’t imagine ditching milk completely, nowadays there are an ample amount of alternatives (almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, macadamia milk, and many more!) give them a try!



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